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In line with all for the consumer service, good faith and mutual benefit as the principle

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    Jiaxing jiazhimeng New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shendang Industrial Park, Haiyan County. With its strong R & D and design team, Jiaxing jiazhimeng new materials Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by professionals in the same industry. It has also customized products for well-known enterprises. All of them are in the lead in sales volume and unique in fashion, and are favored by the majority of people. At present, the newly launched "integrated wall" has attracted much attention with its unique new products. The integrated wall has the effect of environmental protection and energy saving, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture-proof and super hardness. It is the most advanced indoor environmental protection and energy-saving decoration material in today's society.

    Recently, the integrated wall industry is developing rapidly, and the material of integrated wall is also changing. The pursuit of fashion and personalized exclusive living space is the desire of more and more home decoration consumers. Integrated wall is highly praised for its integration, self-organization, complete functions and beautiful form. Since the introduction of nano integrated wall products in 2011, the integrated wall products have been developing better and better. The more and more popular home decoration products have greatly subverted the single rigidity of traditional walls.

    Jiaxing home dream new materials Co., Ltd. has its own integrated production, from R & D design to final product delivery, all of which are operated by our factory, without worrying about quality and time. Jiaxing home dream new material Co., Ltd. integrated wall, in line with all for consumer service, integrity and mutual benefit for the principle of customer service for the majority of customers. The unique integrated design concept leads the innovation of the industry! We sincerely welcome dealers from all over the world to visit us and achieve win-win cooperation!



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Brand story